Web of oxygen giving branches : bless our earth!


Writing is a work of art: to link, communicate and share.
This blog page features some of the oldest trees on our planet earth and trees with an unique history, that have weathered many-a-storm and faced environmental challenges. All things in life exists in memory past-present-future and to know these trees is to love them with an appreciation for things lasting

web of oxygen giving branches : bless our earth! Ancient oak tree bio  Tree of meditation II, Nepal. image010 Tree of meditation I Amos Alonzo Red Stagg tree   Amos Alonzo Red Stagg tree. Jordan Mt Peak 99 years old. baobab-2 Africa’s baobab Banyan Hawaii  Hawaii’s great banyans. drivethru_redwood  Amazing Redwoods drive-thru. oldest tree sweden  Sweden’s oldest spruce 9,550 years.